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Is your car’s air conditioning system not keeping up with the summer heat? Don’t settle for a portable fan in the passenger seat. Get back to cruising in comfort with automotive AC repair services from A To Z Auto Repair.

Some ways to tell if your car’s AC needs servicing include:

  • Your car’s AC blows air that is only slightly cooler than the outside air
  • Your car’s air conditioner air smelling like mildew or mold
  • Your AC only working while driving
  • Low airflow even at the highest fan setting
  • Water condensing or dripping in the cabin while driving

If any of these signs sound familiar, then don’t wait!

These are some of the AC issues that we run into and treat most frequently:

  • Freon recharging
  • Compressor repairs
  • Condenser maintenance and repair
  • Evaporator maintenance and repair
  • Thermal expansion valve or orifice tube replacements

Even if your car’s AC still works but seems less efficient than it once did, it’s worth a visit to A To Z Auto Repair. Taking care of regular maintenance now can help you avoid more expensive AC repair costs down the road. Sometimes fixing a broken air conditioner is as simple as adding new coolant.

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Donald Bloomer

Big blessing to have a trusted shop local to my home here in Villa Park. I have been routinely servicing 3 autos for many years. Joy at the front desk is very helpful and accommodating while Robert the owner has decades of wise experience and expertise to fix all my problems and concerns. Thankful to have this place appreciate the way they do business. Cheers-Don.

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